Transmission was a dance piece created with the Becs Andrews Company. The team
for the project was led by award-winning artist and stage designer Becs Andrews in collaboration with Professor Michael Brockhurst, an evolutionary biologist at the University of York. It was funded by the Welcome Trust and the Arts Council.

Polly in Transmission

As composer Jon Hughes worked alongside choreographer Simon Birch, musician and computer scientist Tom Mitchell, visual artist and programmer Phil Tew and electrical engineer Seb Madgwick. Together they created a dance piece using interactive video and sound technology.

Tragically, my dear friend and collaborator Becs Andrews died in January 2016. Hopefully we can continue to celebrate her amazing creative spirit and talent through developing Transmission and performing it again in the future.

Transmission Website

James Southward dancing in Transmission

Transmission was performed in York at the York Festival of Ideas, and also as a film at City Screen in York and the Manchester Science Festival. It was also performed as an interactive installation at the Manchester Science Festival in 2014. At present a funding bid has been submitted to the Welcome Trust to develop Transmission further in 2017 and beyond.

James and Izzy from Transmission

The following PDF document is a chapter from my PhD on Transmission

Transmission Chapter from PhD

Transmission – Interactive installation