Jon’s worked a lot with Gamelan, and was an active member of Gamelan Sekar Petak for many years,  the Univeristy of York’s gamelan ensemble led by ethnomusicologist Dr Neil Sorrell.

Jon has also written a number of compositions for gamelan, including the chamber opera Antigone (2008) (using Seamus Heaney’s translation of Sophocles), the music drama The Women of Trachis (2010)  (using a new specially written translation of Sophocles by Dr Richard Rowland), and Three Moments on a Journey for gamelan and choir (2007), a setting of 3 haiku by Basho.

In 2011 Jon created an electronic album using sound drawn exclusively from central Javanese gamelan. Timeliners, a dance piece created in 2010, also used gamelan sounds and composition methods extensively.

In 2010, Jon created a sound archive of Gamelan Sekar Petak, recording the complete orchestra in the studio with musician John Jacobs. A significant portion of the archive can be found online (see Soundcloud link below).